Strengthening South Dakota through Agriculture

Whether you are an agricultural producer or not, if you live in South Dakota your life is somehow touched by agriculture.  Since agriculture is our number one industry, increasing ag sector profits will grow our state‚Äôs overall economy.  Our goal is to do just that by working with our clients to bring additional value to goods grown here. 

Value can be accomplished through

  • A change in the physical state or form of the product
  • Differentiated production or marketing of the commodity
  • Physical segregation of a commodity or product
  • Renewable energy production

The importance of value added agriculture grows each year.  And the diversity of South Dakota agriculture creates endless opportunities.  The VAADC is devoted to providing services to help establish or expand agribusiness in South Dakota.

The long term commitment of support from our members and USDA, allows the VAADC to provide client services free of charge.  Requests for assistance must fall within our technical assistance guidelines.  If project needs are not eligible for VAADC assistance, we will refer you to other applicable resources.

VAADC Project Portfolio

Food Processing
Emerging Technology
Livestock Enhancement
Native American & Underserved
Renewable Energy
Specialty Products